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Let the professionals at Wheel Service Centre be your one and only choice for all your Wheel Refurbishment, Repairs and Diamond Cutting requirements.

The refurbishment process for wheels should be done by the professionals. Let the professionals at Wheel Service Centre be your only choice for all your refurbishing requirements.

Wheel Service Centre extends a full rim refurbishment which includes the stripping off of all existing old paint, straightening, welding (if required), leak testing, surface preparation, painting/epoxy coating of rims, diamond cutting and polishing of lips.

It should be noted that refurbishing the wheel should not be done without the professionals. The components used in refurbishing the wheel are specialized.

Refurbishing Includes the following:

A paint strip, sandblasting, epoxy, primer base, colouring and the ceramic clear coat.

What differentiates our company

from its competitors?

Our turnaround time is quicker compared to our competitors, for repairs and refurbishment. We straighten wheels, using high tech machinery which we have built ourselves, through experience. We can repair 99.9 % of wheels that come to our premises, we do an average of 40 – 60 wheels a day.

We are well known for an excellent job, no matter how big or small, from a Volksie to a Porsche, and we pride ourselves for a job well done. The race track knows us very well. We also have a great variety of stock wheels ready, to help urgent repairs to our customers, quickly and efficiently. If you have a balancing problem, be sure we are able to solve it.

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You will be saving a lot of money, time and effort concerning wheel balancing, vibration problems and unnecessary tyre wear.

Quality is guaranteed; our services are being offered by the best wheel repairers in South Africa.

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